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Do you know who you are and where you are going?
Did you know that selecting colors in a very specific sequence can indicate things about yourself you did not know? This color-testing system is based upon a scientific color-selection analysis that was developed by doctors in the 1960's and used for decades as a diagnostic tool for obtaining a better understanding of one's own personality, moods, actions, and dreams. Follow the 3 easy steps below:

After clicking the Begin test button to the left, you will be asked to select (in order of your preference) from 8 colored rectangles. You will be asked to select your favorite color first, then your next favorite, and so on, until all the colors have been selected in the order of your choosing. Important: Do not think of how these colors would look in clothing, decor, or any other tangible object. Make your selections based ONLY upon how the colors themselves appeal to you as you look at them.
After you are finished making your selections, you will be asked for your $3.99 donation which makes it possible for us to continue providing this diagnostic tool to the public. You will be given a unique number (code) that will allow you to come back to this web site and review (or print) your analysis for a one week period.
Next, the order in which you selected each color will undergo eight (8) different analyses. We will first discuss the reasons why you picked the first color you did. Next, reasons for your 2nd choice will be discussed, 3rd choice, and so on. There are significant reasons why people select each color in a specific order.

NOTE: This analysis system uses a temporary cookie (it's gone when you close your browser) to store your color selections during the test-taking and the analysis. You must have cookies turned "ON" for this to work. If the selection process on the next screen works, then everything is OK. If not, turn cookies on.

Allow 20 minutes to take your test and review your complete analysis.