Tarot cards, palm reading, crystal ball, fortune telling, Magic 8 ball, zodiac
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Tarot cards, palm reading, crystal ball, fortune telling, Magic 8 ball, zodiac
In Search of Your Soul Mate

By far, the most frequently-asked question that we deal with is "How can I find a quality mate?"

Those who sit around and wait will never find the right person. Instead, you must get out and go where quality people go. Mix with those who are into self-improvement, fitness, health, education, charity, and other worthwhile endeavors.

Here are some ways to find a quality person:

  1. Volunteer: Volunteer your services at a hospital, charitable organization, library, a national park, or any established organization that helps others and could use your help.
  2. Join: Join groups, clubs, organizations such as the Sierra Club (preserves nature), clubs for walking, hiking, bicycling, fitness, golfing, fishing, reading.
  3. Learn:: Learn to square dance, take classes in ballroom, folk, line dancing; or art, pottery, decorating.
  4. Go:: Go to art exhibits, concerts, museums, cultural-learning places.
  5. Professional Contacts: Establish educated contacts by joining the chamber of commerce and attending their events.
  6. Get Fit: Join a health club, fitness center, hiking group, gym, or YMCA to stay fit. We know that beauty is only skin deep; but the cold, harsh truth is that the better you look, the easier it is to find someone special. Being fit improves your quality of life undescribably. People who are fit have more fun, feel better, and get far more out of life than the unfit. That's reason enough to get and stay fit.

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