Find your soul mate

Aquarius - Aries

  You like to dream about infinite possibilities. Your partner likes to know about present reality. It can be hard to get this relationship off the ground. But when you do, it flies high.


Aquarius - Taurus

  This relationship may seem like it's going nowhere. The taurus personality may seem too stubborn and earthy to share your fantasies. Still, you both have an underlying sensuality that may provide the motivation to work things out.


Aquarius - Gemini

  Your partner's ability to understand what you really want is a big plus in this relationship. You are both imaginative and enjoy finding creative ways to express your feelings.


Aquarius - Cancer

  It can take a long time for this relationship to develope. But in the long run each of you have the qualities the other needs, and you can build a truly satisfying and lasting relationship.


Aquarius - Leo

  You have such opposite natures, you may find yourselves in constant conflict. But if you agree to join forces, the two of you have enough energy and talent to conquer the world.


Aquarius - Virgo

  You love each other's mind and sense of humour. This starts out as an intellectual attraction, with the physical attraction developing later.


Aquarius - Libra

  This is an electrically charged relationship. There's so much to learn, do and explore together. You'll keep each other energized a long time.


Aquarius - Scorpio

  You may feel that you're pinned down. You are frustrated by someone who wants too many answers in a hurry. This relationship can succeed if you can have a better understanding of each other.


Aquarius - Sagittarius

  You both have high standards and the ability to live up to them. Mutual respect and recognition of each other's talents leads to physical attraction.


Aquarius - Capricorn

  You understand each other almost immediately. But that doesn't mean you always agree. This relationship can succeed if you can have a better understanding of each other.


Aquarius - Aquarius

  You are both totally unpredictable. This relationship provides you with the constant surprise and variety you've always wanted.


Aquarius - Pisces

  You both live in a dream world. You both have your own fantasies and thrills. This could be a good match if you can be more practical.

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