Find your soul mate

Aries - Aries

You're both strong-willed. When you agree it's the two of you against the world. When you disagree, sparks will fly!. If you can take the heat - you win. This relationship gets better and better as time goes by.


Aries - Taurus

You're the most outgoing and energetic one in this pair. Viewed one way, Your partner's stability might seem boring. From another perspective, it just might give you the comfort you need.


Aries - Gemini

Your partner likes to talk; you like to get things done. If you also like to listen; this relationship could be a never ending source of fascination.


Aries - Cancer

This can be a passionate combination with the potential to fulfill your romantic fantasies. You like to keep each other guessing.


Aries - Leo

You both like to dominate; but you do it in different ways, so there's no real conflict. Your partner is charming and playful. You'll never be bored.


Aries - Virgo

Your spontaneity makes your partner nervous . To succeed in this relationship , the two of you need to find the balance between caution and personal freedom.


Aries - Libra

If opposites attract you will stick like glue. But the fundamental opposite of your personalities may drive you apart instead. If you can develop a taste for constant uncertainty, Your partner's talent for being surprising will keep you on your toes.


Aries - Scorpio

This is a powerful combination. You both have intense willful personalities. Once you learn to live together , the excitement is endless.


Aries - Sagittarius

You both like independence. If you can agree to make a commitment, this is a harmonious relationship with an understanding partner.


Aries - Capricorn

The two of you find it hard to resolve conflicts. This combination works best if you already have a bit in common.


Aries - Aquarius

You're sensible and direct. Your partner likes to drift off in a dream world. It can be hard to get this relationship off the ground, But when you do, it flies high.


Aries - Pisces

Your partner's gentleness and subtle strength make the perfect complement to your strong personality and direct approach.

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