Find your soul mate

Cancer - Aries

It may seem that you are in constant conflict. The truth is, you have the same goal, just a different way of getting there. Understand that , and there will be no conflict.


Cancer - Taurus

Other people might not understand your relationship, but the two of you communicate on a deeply satisfying level. You both appreciate the finer things in life - especially each other.


Cancer - Gemini

You may have trouble expressing yourself in a relationship with someone so articulate. Remember that words are not always the best form of language and you'll find a way to get your meaning across.


Cancer - Cancer

You may think you'll be bored by someone who is so much like you. But it's a real pleasure to be with a person who just naturally understands your needs and desires. You can make each other very happy.


Cancer - Leo

You have the ability to bring out each other's best qualities. You are more subtle, but you can appreciate the pride of a partner who has so much to be proud of - including you!.


Cancer - Virgo

You feel shy about showing all your emotions. Your partner is afraid of becoming too vulnerable. Sharing your worries with each other helps you overcome them.


Cancer - Libra

Your warmth and unconditional love provide the comfort and ego gratification Libra needs. Just be careful not to get carried away and suffocate your partner with too much of a good thing.


Cancer - Scorpio

This relationship can help you explore the range of your own sensual nature, while you give your partner the freedom to become ever more sensitive and generous.


Cancer - Sagittarius

At first, you two may seem all wrong for each other. You may prefer someone more reliable, who appreciates your serious side. On the other hand, this is someone who really knows how to show you a good time.


Cancer - Capricorn

You seem to encourage each other to be . If that's all you have in common, it won't work. but if there's a genuine attraction happening, you have enough in common to succeed.


Cancer - Aquarius

It can take a long time for this relationship to develope, as you overcome your partner's defences one by one. But in the long run, each of you have qualities the other needs, and you can use these to build a truly satisfying and lasting connection.


Cancer - Pisces

The symbolism of Cancer, the crab and Pisces the fish swimming off together into the sunset may seem all wet, but this match promises oceans of love.

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