Find your soul mate

Capricorn - Aries

  The two of you find it hard to resolve conflicts. This combination work best if you already have a lot in common. Better understanding leads to everlasting joy.


Capricorn - Taurus

  This could be a match made in heaven. Stability, Warmth and commitment with this partner can help you find the kind of love you've always dreamed of.


Capricorn - Gemini

  You have trouble understanding each other's moods. There's a sincere attraction here, if you can remember to communicate rather than criticize.


Capricorn - Cancer

  You seem to encourage each other to be grouchy. If that's the only encouragement you get, it won't work, but if there's a genuine attraction happening, you have enough in common to succeed.


Capricorn - Leo

  You two have such different expressive styles that you may lose patience with each other before anything gets started. But if you're motivated, You'll find that a relationship based on the innerself, rather than the outer expressions, is what you really want.


Capricorn - Virgo

  Your partner may seem a bit demanding. Just make sure you aren't the one who's being stubborn. With a little flexibility this ia a wonderful match. You have a natural understanding of each other.


Capricorn - Libra

  Capricorn likes to move with caution. Libra can be overly nonchalant at times. If you respect your differences you can find a perfect balance.


Capricorn - Scorpio

  You want someone who's sincere and committed. Your partner wants someone passionate and honest. You can both be very demanding. Fortunately you both have the ability to provide what the other wants.


Capricorn - Sagittarius

  A Sagittarius partner can teach you to relax a little more and let inspiration take over at the right times. With your strength and your partner's style you're an unbeatable combination.


Capricorn - Capricorn

  You won't be able to keep secrets from each other. You appreciate each other's good sense and strong character. Perhaps the physical attraction isn't as strong as it could be. But that can change with time.


Capricorn - Aquarius

  You understand each other almost immediately. But that doesn't mean you always agree. This could be a good combination if you can find the balance.


Capricorn - Pisces

  Both of you have what the other needs. You're sensible, Pisces is intuitive. You've got strength, Pisces has style. Together you can do anything.

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