Find your soul mate

Gemini - Aries

The strong, silent type can be a good listener, but you may not feel you're getting enough feedback. With a little effort , though, you can communicate with each other, and this is someone who can really help you get things done.


Gemini - Taurus

Your sincere appreciation stimulates your partner's talent for humour. In the long run, it's worthwhile making the effort to learn to communicate both on emotional and intellectual basis.


Gemini - Gemini

You two have good communication. There may be times when you have to force yourselves to take turns listening, but you'll never have a chance to get bored.


Gemini - Cancer

You are the more articulate one in this relationship. At first you may think your partner has nothing to say to you, but not all languages require words. There is a message of love here.


Gemini - Leo

Your natural talent for sweet talk and flattery will attract your partner. This is a wonderful combination for fun, laughter and playful affection.


Gemini - Virgo

Both of you can be judgmental at times. As long as you judge the world and not each other, you'll get along Perfectly.


Gemini - Libra

This should be an endlessly fascinating relationship. You reveal the beauty of the mind, while your partner shows you the beauty of the spirit. Together, you build a rich and rewarding life.


Gemini - Scorpio

Forget what you think about each other and take a good look at what you feel instead. You should be pleasantly surprised.


Gemini - Sagittarius

You are more alike than you think. This is a relationship that will never grow dull; for as you grow more familiar with each other you also reveal new surprises.


Gemini - Capricorn

You have trouble understanding each other's moods. There is a sincere attraction here , if you can get beyond all the annoying little habits.


Gemini - Aquarius

Your ability to understand what your partner is really talking about is a big plus in this relationship. You are both imaginative, and find creative ways to express your feelings.


Gemini - Pisces

You have different ways of expressing yourselves. Communication seems impossible at times, But if the attraction is strong enough, this could be a good combination.

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