Find your soul mate

Pisces - Aries

  Your partner's strong personality and direct approach provide the perfect compliment to your gentleness and subtle persistence.


Pisces - Taurus

  This is someone who has the patience to help you express yourself more directly. You won't be able to resist a partner who's so attentive.


Pisces - Gemini

  You have such different ways of expressing yourselves, you sometimes wonder if you're discussing the same thing. But if the attraction is strong enough, you will be able to put the message across.


Pisces - Cancer

  You have natural attraction and love for each other. You have a lot of things in common and this relationship promises oceans of love.


Pisces - Leo

  Although you may seem quite different on the outside, you have a lot in common inside. This could be a good match if you can settle your differences.


Pisces - Virgo

  Don't be resentful if your partner occasionally points out the flaws in your fantasies. This relationship will have a better chance of success if your decisions are based on reality.


Pisces - Libra

  It doesn't appear that you two are going in the same direction. In the beginning, there's a confusing communication blockage between you and your partner. If you're motivated and keep trying, you'll eventually find that you have more in common than you thought.


Pisces - Scorpio

  You're perfectly happy to fulfill each other's fantasies. This relationship remains exciting and challenging for a long time to come.


Pisces - Sagittarius

  You inspire each other in all the best ways. You agree on so many things, yet are different enough to keep surprising each other quite pleasantly for years to come.


Pisces - Capricorn

  This is a great match. You're intuitive and stylish to make up for your partner's strength and perserverence. Together you can do anything.


Pisces - Aquarius

  You both have your own dream worlds and sometimes it's like being on different planets. If you want to stay together, you need to share some space in the real world.


Pisces - Pisces

  This is a perfect match. The instant attraction you felt when you first met lasts forever. You have an intuitive understanding of each other's needs, and the loving ability to fulfill them all.

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