Find your soul mate

Sagittarius - Aries

  You both like independence. If you can agree to make a commitment, this is a harmonious relationship with an understanding partner.


Sagittarius - Taurus

  Sagittarius values independence. Taurus seeks stability. This relationship can be a success if you don't try to change each other.


Sagittarius - Gemini

  You are more alike than you think. This is a relationship that will never go dull, for as you become more familiar with each other, you also reveal new surprises.


Sagittarius - Cancer

  At first, it may seem all wrong for each other. You may prefer someone more spontaneous, Who can appreciate your wilder side. On the other hand, this is someone who can offer you lots of love and comfort.


Sagittarius - Leo

  If you can avoid power struggles, this relationship will be a lot of fun. A Leo partner can match your natural energy level and has enough charm and humour to keep you entertained.


Sagittarius - Virgo

  Your disagreements aren't as important as the qualities you have to offer each other. This is someone who can always offer the advice and wisdom you need.


Sagittarius - Libra

  There's a long lasting mutual fascination in this relationship. Sagittarius likes to make big plans and Libra has the good judgement needed to make them work.


Sagittarius - Scorpio

  You are strongly attracted, but don't really understand each other. To make this relationship work, you need to have a better co-ordination.


Sagittarius - Sagittarius

This is either a dream or a nightmare. When you're in agreement, nothing could be more perfect. When you disagree, you have the know-how to make each other equally miserable. If you can avoid competition there's a passionate attraction.


Sagittarius - Capricorn

  A Capricorn partner can teach you the persistence you need to make your dream come true. With your style and your partner's strength, you're an unbeatable combination.


Sagittarius - Aquarius

  You both have high standards and the ability to live up to them. Mutual respect and recognition of each other's talents leads to physical attraction.


Sagittarius - Pisces

  You inspire each other in all the best ways. You agree on so many things, yet are different enough to keep surprising each other quite pleasantly for years to come.

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