Find your soul mate

Scorpio - Aries

  This is a powerful combination. You both have intense, willful personalities. Once you learn to live together, the excitement should be endless.


Scorpio - Taurus

  You two approach life very differently and may have tremendous difficulty understanding or even liking each other. Still, there's a physical attraction that's hard to ignore.


Scorpio - Gemini

  Other people may not understand your relationship, but the two of you communicate on a deeply satisfying level. You both appreciate the finer things in life - especially each other.


Scorpio - Cancer

  This relationship can help you explore the range of your own emotional sensitivity, While you give your partner the freedom to become even more sensual and open.


Scorpio - Leo

  Don't let your love of honesty hurt your partner's rather large ego. Leo's playful charm intensifies the passion between the two.


Scorpio - Virgo

  This is a powerful combination. The physical attraction intensifies the love between the two. This relationship marks for better understanding and co-ordination between the two.


Scorpio - Libra

  There's an instant attraction here. The compromises will have to come later. Libra brings out Scorpio's lighter side, While Scorpio ignites Libra's passion.


Scorpio - Scorpio

This is a wonderful combination. The intensity is deep when the two of you get together. You are both honest, direct and passionate. The excitement may never end.


Scorpio - Sagittarius

  You are strongly attracted but don't really understand each other. To make this relationship work, there should be a better co-ordination between the two.


Scorpio - Capricorn

  You want someone who is straight forward and loving. Your partner want's someone who is committed and sincere. You can both be very demanding. Fortunately, each of you have the ability to provide what the other wants.


Scorpio - Aquarius

  You may feel that you are getting the runaround. You're frustrated by someone who answers a question with a question. This relationship can take off, if there's a better communication between the two.


Scorpio - Pisces

  You are perfectly happy to fulfill each other's fantasies. This relationship remains exciting and challenging for a long time to come.

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