Find your soul mate

Taurus - Aries

Your partner may accuse you of being too unpredictable, and you may think you'd prefer someone a little less energetic. Still you both have a deeply passionate nature that can keep this relationship intense for a long time.


Taurus - Taurus

You can both be single-minded about what you want . If you disagree, resolution is difficult. But when you share the same goals this is an unbeatable combination.


Taurus - Gemini

Your sincere appreciation stimulates your partner's talent for humour. In the long run, it's worthwhile making the effort to learn to communicate both on emotional and intellectual level.


Taurus - Cancer

Other people might not understand your relationship, but the two of you communicate on a deeply satisfying level. You both appreciate the finer things in life - especially each other.


Taurus - Leo

You are both strong-willed with a talent for getting your own way. If you disagree, it can be catastrophic. But if you work together, you can change the world.


Taurus - Virgo

At times you may be irritated beyond tolerance by your partners pickiness. On the other hand you care for each other's emotions. There is a definite physical attraction as well.


Taurus - Libra

This should be an excellent match.Taurus and Libra are both ruled by Venus, the planet of love. You share an appreciation of beautiful things - including each other.


Taurus - Scorpio

You two approach life very differently, and may have tremendous difficulty understanding or even liking each other. Still, there's a physical attraction that's hard to ignore.


Taurus - Sagittarius

Sagittarius crave for independence. Taurus seeks stability. This relationship can be a success if you understand each other.


Taurus - Capricorn

This could be a match made in heaven. Stability, warmth and commitment with this partner can help you find the kind of love you've always dreamed of.


Taurus - Aquarius

This relationship may seem like it's going nowhere. The Aquarius personality may appear too vague and restless to suit your practical nature. If the two of you do make a commitment, You'll learn to enjoy your partner's fanciful flights of imagination.


Taurus - Pisces

You won't be able to resist someone so devoted and romantic. This is someone who can help you find the poetry in your soul.

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