Find your soul mate

Virgo - Aries

Your partner's unpredictability tends to make you nervous. To succeed in this relationship, the two of you need to find the balance between caution and personal freedom.


Virgo - Taurus

At times you may be unbearably frustrated by your partner's stubbornness. On the other hand you appreciate each other's frankness and there's a definite physical attraction as well.


Virgo - Gemini

Both of you can be judgemental at times. As long as you judge the world and not each other, you'll get along perfectly.


Virgo - Cancer

Your partner's humour can be a source of great pleasure to you. There is also a definite physical attraction between the two.


Virgo - Leo

You may be tempted to just relax and let Leo's powerful personality take over the relationship. You'll both be happier when there's a more equal amount of give and take.


Virgo - Virgo

You two understand each other so well. It's almost scary. Things could get a little too intense for comfort. On the other hand, it's a real pleasure to be with someone who really shares your dreams and desires.


Virgo - Libra

This is a good combination. You are both strong-willed and have natural attraction for each other.


Virgo - Scorpio

You're both inclined to go your own way. If you can understand each other this can be a successful match.


Virgo - Sagittarius

Your disagreements aren't as important as the qualities you have to offer each other. This is someone who can always cheer you up.


Virgo - Capricorn

Your partner may seem a bit stubborn. With a little flexibility, this is a wonderful match. You have a natural understanding of each other.

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