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  $3.99: One 3-card (past, present, future) reading
3-card (past, present, future) readings ($3.99): Allow 10-15 minutes for the personal, comprehensive, 3-card "past / present / future" reading. You will be taken to a screen where you select the deck you wish to use for this reading. After that, you will proceed to a screen where the cards are randomly shuffled. You decide when the shuffling stops. You will proceed to the next screen where you will see a face-down deck of 78 tarot cards. You will select the card that represents your past. Then you will select your present, then your future. Next, you will be taken to a payment screen, and upon successful completion, you are returned to where you left off when you selected your cards. As you page-through the cycles of your life, you will receive a detailed interpretation of each card's meaning for your life. At the end of your future reading, you will receive your unique "fortune", which applies specifically to you.

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Tarot card readings online provides daily tarot card readings using a single card or a 3-card past/present/future tarot card reading. Both tarot card readings provide insightful information and guidance for a better life. Our tarot card readings allow you to make the most of each day with confidence and surety in the direction your life is taking. Our tarot card readings give you the edge you need in life to stay ahead of the others.

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